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I've just put up my batgirl piece for sale here - houseofskullduggery.bigcartel.…

350 GSM archival paper, signed and numbered, limited to 100. #GO!
I've opened up a store! I'll be selling prints and original commissions out of it starting from TODAY. So head on over. Seriously - houseofskullduggery.bigcartel.…
Currently i've got three of the ASoIaF pieces up for sale as well as details on how to order a commission. I'll be updating with more work over the next couple of weeks.
I'll start putting together an FAQ soon but in the meantime feel free to drop me a line if you need more details.

What a crazy thrill ride THAT was. 14000 views, 1400 favouritings and more than a bunch of crazy comments! Incredibly humbled by all of you who took the time to even just look, let alone comment and favourite. So thank you all!
And thanks to solfieri and ^kasumichan2003 for the suggestion and feature, you two made my week!

Just a quick journal entry to thank everyone for the follows, favourites and watches. Very very inspiring and flattering.
And there are so many of you i can't get to all of you. So THANKYOU! You're all the BEST...and history will certainly remember you. Bards will sing bawdy songs to your honour. And artisans will sculpt your likenesses into mountains. So thats something isn't it?
My first Deviant Journal entry. Just a quick note: I've updated my scrapbook with a bunch of convention commissions done this year (the ones i remembered to photograph anyway). Enjoy!…